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An Urgent Care Clinic for All Your Families Urgent Needs

New Life Medical Center Memphis provides urgent care in a walk-in clinic setting for ages 10 and older in a family friendly environment. You can walk in or schedule an appointment depending upon your needs. We pride ourselves on lower cost while providing patients with high-quality urgent care. We provide a comfortable waiting area and our friendly and professional staff of Board-Certified Providers and medical assistants will see you quickly, usually less than 8 minutes in most cases.  

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New Life Medical Centers

Examples Of Our Urgent Care Services

Covid-19 Testing

We provide fast testing for COVID-19, a highly infectious respiratory illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Treatment options will also be discussed.

Colds & Coughs

Colds are viral infections that can cause symptoms like coughing, while coughs are a reflex action that clears the airways in response to an irritant or infection.

Flu & Strep

The flu is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system, while strep throat is a bacterial infection that primarily affects the throat and tonsils.

Earaches, Fevers & Pediatric Illness

Pediatric earaches are a common childhood condition characterized by pain, discomfort, or pressure in the ear usually with fever.

Upset Stomachs & Vomiting

Stomach pain and vomiting are common symptoms caused by a variety of conditions, including infections, food poisoning, or gastrointestinal disorder.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can involve various parts of the body, including muscles, bones, joints, and soft tissues, ranging from minor strains to serious fractures or concussions.
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