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Testosterone –How can it help you improve your life?

Have you noticed that you are more fatigued after work?
You just do not have the energy to go and do all the things you want to do or need to do?
Have you noticed an increase in body fat or even irritability?
These symptoms could be pointing you to a decrease in your testosterone level.

Symptoms of Low -T

In addition to the symptoms noted above, you may also experience:

Causes of Low-T

Some of the most commonly noted causes for low testosterone in men are:

Normal Testosterone Levels

Over The Counter ‘Natural’ Testosterone Boosters can be harmful to your health.

These products don’t contain any actual hormones and are instead comprised of various exotic herbs which can not effectively raise a man’s testosterone level to appropriate levels. The dangers of natural testosterone boosters don’t come so much from increases in hormones, but from the products themselves. The ingredients in these products are poorly studied, unregulated, NOT FDA Approved and are not subjected to unbiased purity or quality controls. Indeed, no empirical evidence even exists that such supplements provide the intended effects. Some of the potential dangers of these products have been known to include:

  • Decreased Renal (Kidney) Function
  • Increased Liver Enzymes
  • Negative drug interactions with other supplements or medications
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Contamination with unknown toxic substances, either from the soil the herbs were grown in or from poor manufacturing processes
  • Neurological damage
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Negative effects on sleep, cognition, appetite, blood glucose and cardiovascular function


Testosterone Replacement Therapy should be administered by a Physician and reserved only for instances of truly low testosterone. The only way to know for sure that you have Low Testosterone is to have New Life Medical Center check your levels via a simple lab test. With the onslaught of Testosterone boosters available at you local vitamin store or on TV, the T- supplements are now being acquired by men with levels well within the normal range as a way to increase energy levels, sex drive and muscle growth. Just like there are health dangers when your testosterone is too low, there are also dangers when it’s too high. Like everything in life, balance is the key.

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Commonly Asked Questions

A simple blood test will answer that for you.
A treatment plan for testosterone replacement will be created for you that is tailored for your specific needs.
That is a good question. The honest answer is… maybe. If you take no other medications and your symptoms are only caused by low testosterone then there is a strong likelihood your symptoms will resolve. If you have diabetes and your blood sugar is poorly controlled on the medications you are taking, then there is a possibility testosterone will make you feel better, but will not achieve total symptom resolution.
Testosterone affects the body in many ways. Achieving normal testosterone levels in most men allows them to experience: improved libido, improved erections, improved sleep, improved mental clarity, improved stamina, and improved muscle strength. For example, by improving sleep and stamina this will allow you to feel like exercising, thus encouraging weight loss if needed. Exercise and weight loss go a long way in the management of many chronic illnesses. By making small changes in your life you can make a huge improvement in how you feel!
No, just the opposite if dosed appropriately. Many patients report a “sense of well-being” once their testosterone levels have normalized.
This is a very individualized number. Every patient is different. We titrate your dose to your symptoms. This does not mean, however, that just because you are still fatigued you need more testosterone. Fatigue has many causes. Low testosterone is just one of them.
That depends. Your labs will have to be reviewed and you will need to have a DRE (digital rectal exam).
A DRE is where a healthcare provider, physically feels your prostate. This is done with a rectal exam. It is a very quick exam, but an important part of your care. The current recommendations for DRE are: African American men should start with DRE’s at age 45, any man with a family history (1 st degree relative- father or brother) should start with DRE’s also at age 45 and all other men start at age 50. If your primary care does a DRE then that is sufficient, we will just need a copy of the records.
Testosterone can aggravate the prostate and cause it to enlarge. Many men already have an enlarged prostate (prostate hypertrophy) prior to testosterone therapy. This is found on exam (DRE) or by symptoms. The symptoms of an enlarged prostate are urinary symptoms, such as, difficulty starting or stopping your urine stream. A weak urine stream, dribbling or urine incontinence (leakage) can also be due to an enlarged prostate (prostate hypertrophy).

All medications have side effects and testosterone is no different. Testosterone can aggravate the chronic conditions of: heart failure and obstructive sleep apnea. You can absolutely have testosterone therapy if you have those diagnoses, but your treating provider will need to be involved.

Testosterone can also stimulate the bone marrow to make more red blood cells. This in turn causes your blood to be thick. This is called secondary polycythemia. Not all men experience this. We monitor this through blood work. If this happens, we treat it.

In men, a small amount of testosterone is converted to estrogen. When we supplement testosterone, this conversion happens more and a man’s estrogen levels can rise. We also monitor this through labs and by asking about symptoms. If it does occur, it can be treated with an estrogen blocker.

Will my body ever make enough testosterone again? The answer to the second question is probably not, but yes, you can stop therapy anytime. We recommend you wean off.

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