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Increase Profits, Improve Employee Morale, Reduce Days Off Work

Benefits of A “New Life Medical Center” Near-Site Clinic

Employers are offering the healthcare services of a near-site clinic in increasing numbers as benefits for their employees. Both employer and employee are realizing returns from these benefits in terms of cost savings and improved healthcare outcomes.

Smaller businesses may not have the ability to host a clinic on-site at their physical location. A quality alternative is the near-site clinic, an established healthcare clinic that is often used by employers to provide healthcare benefits to their employees.

The New Life Medical Center Near-Site Clinic Program can provide treatment for injuries, illnesses, immunizations, preventative care as well as primary care services. Providers at the New Life Medical Center Near-Site clinic will also coordinate with the employee’s healthcare insurance provider for Pre-Authorizations, Referrals any additional specialty services or medications needed.

Employer Benefits:

  • Employer Benefit: Helps to recruit and retain employees. Finding and keeping top talent is a serious concern and costly venture for many employers. Offering a Near-Site medical clinic as a part of a total benefits package can be an attractive benefit to both existing and potential employees. 45% of employees on average, use the Near-Site Clinic.
  • Empowered Employee Health Decisions: Employees have peace of mind that their employer cares about their health.
  • Improved Health Outcomes: Healthy employees are happier, have better well-being, cost less and continue to be more productive. 43% of Employers said that the Near-Site Clinic helped employees better manage Chronic Health Conditions
  • Reduced Employee Down Time: With a medical clinic near by, and short wait times, it’s no longer necessary to take a half day off to visit the doctor. 63% of Employers stated that the Near-Site Clinic reduced lost work days


Additional Employer Benefits:

  • NO cost to you, NO fee’s, NO Sign Up Cost, NO Contracts, NO Memberships, It Cost You Nothing
  • It’s SAVES your employees money on their healthcare cost.
  • Reduce Absenteeism: healthier employees mean less days off work, more production and higher profits
  • Reduce Presenteeism: results in increased production while at work and reduced spreading illnesses to other employees.
  • Walk-ins Accepted: Employees get in to see the Provider at a moment’s notice, less time off work.
  • Legitimate Work/Sick notes for your employees. You know if the employee was truly sick or not.
  • Reduces expensive Emergency Room Visits
  • Employee Drug Screenings
  • Employee Physicals / DOT Physicals / Wellness Physicals
  • Greatly Reduced pricing exclusively for your employees and only available through our program
  • We accept most insurance carriers


Employee Pricing for Employer “Near Site” Partners

Below is a small sample of the list of services, medications and labs that we can offer your employees. As you will see, your employees will pay about half of what they would pay at the average Family Practice or Urgent Care.

Service:Other Clinic PriceOur Normal PriceEmployee Cash Price
Office Visit$125-150$125$100
Medicine Example:   
Sinus Cocktail$27-45$25$20
Generic Viagra (qty 30)$79-$333$30$24
Generic Cialis (qty 30)$89-496$50$42
Flu Shot$40$20$16
Lab Example:   
Flu Test$45$30$20
Urine Analysis$26$20$8
  • Joint Injections: 20% off our cash price
  • Aesthetics: 20% off except Botox
  • Weight loss: 20% off our cash price

Note: We derived “Other Clinic Prices” from actual prices listed on local memphis medical clinic websites, GoodRX discount app for Medicine prices and Labcorp for lab prices. Date: 3/16/2020

The prices listed above are “Cash Prices” for employees without insurance. If the employees have insurance coverage, the employees will get those prices on any service or medication NOT covered by the insurance carrier. We can not give discounts on Insurance co-pays.


Improve Employee Morale:

The research, conducted by Optum, found that employees who have access to a health and wellness programs through their employers, compared to employees with no access to such programs are:

  • 9x more likely to recommend their employer as a place to work
  • 5x more likely to continue working for their employer
  • 3x more likely to be proud to work for their employer


Employee and Immediate Family Benefits:

This program is available to the employees and their immediate family members!

  • Walk-in or by appointment: get to see a provider at a moment’s notice.
  • Short wait times, 7-10 minutes on average
  • Personal One on One Attention from the Providers
  • Increased and Easy access to healthcare
  • Reduces visits to the Emergency Room
  • Insured Employees: Exclusive to your employees, huge discounts for Non-Insured medications and services
  • Non-Insured EmployeesExclusive to your employees, Even Greater Cash Pay Discounts for office visits, labs, medications and procedures that are below our normal cash pay price
  • Primary Care / Manage Chronic Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Hormone Therapy etc…
  • Urgent Care / allergies, colds, rashes etc…
  • Preventative Treatments to reduce or eliminate illnesses.
  • Smoking cessation
  • Medical Based Weight loss

As you can see from all the benefits listed above, our Near-Site Clinic Program can be a huge benefit and cost savings to your employees and increase profits and good will for the company. There is no cost to you whatsoever, no contracts to sign, all you must do is announce the new benefit to your employees and pass out the New Life Medical Center Near-Site Clinic packets. Your employees can start taking advantage of the discounted pricing and improved healthcare immediately.

I have attached a small list of the most common fees for Office Visits, Medications and labs as an example of what your employees would pay at New Life Medical Center compared to local clinics in the Memphis and Cordova area. As you will see, in addition to all the benefits to you as the employer, we will cut your employee’s healthcare cost by 50%.

If you are interested in offering your employees better health care at lower prices, improving good will with employees and increasing company profits,

Call me at 901-213-0100.


These are just some of the many services that we offer