New Life Med Centers

There Are 2 Ways To Start

  1. If you need direction on Nutrition, Exercise, Bio Hacking Techniques and Accountability, then you will want the Membership Program.
  2. If you only want to Boost (Speed Up) your current weight loss and fitness regiment, you will want the Boost Program.

Membership Program

What You Get:
  1. Complete Step By Step Plan and Training to help you lose 20% or more of your body weight.
  2. Health Coach access Via Message, Chat or Email during business hours
  3. Nutrition Protocol and Training. Meal Planner, Food List, Food Substitutes, How To Start Guide
  4. Exercise Protocol and Training
  5. Bio Hacking Protocol and Techniques
  6. Supplementation Protocol and Education
  7. BioFit APP to track Food Macros, Receive & Access Workouts, Track Progress, Post Progress Pictures, Physical Measurements and Message Health Coach
  8. Full Access to 100’s Training Exercise Videos to create your own custom workouts
  9. Exclusive Continuing Education and Training on all bio hacking tools, research and supplementation available to maintain Life Long Weight loss, Fitness and Longevity
  10. Private Support & Accountability Group
  11. Free Access to Workshops, Challenges and Contest
  12. Advance Access to Vlog, Podcast & Special Speakers
  13. Access to the latest Research articles and publications
  14. You can participate in BioFit20 research, trials or product testing
  15. Discount on products, supplements, only available to members
  16. Access to 1000’s of Recipes
  17. Potential to become a Sponsored Athlete


Self-Serve: $19.97 month.
you have full access to all training, research, App, Exercise Videos, Private Community, 20% discount on all supplements and products without need of a Health Coach

VIP: $49.97 month.
you have full access to all training, research, App, Private Community, 20% discount on all supplements and products along with  access to health coaches that can check on you weekly, follow your progress and answer your questions.

Platinum VIP $197 month.
you have full access to the full program WITH Daily one on one Accountability  with your own Personal Health Coach!

Boost Program

We offer a variety of prescription medications to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

  1. Fat Destroyer 3x Peptide AOD 9604
  2. Appetite Killer Semaglutide / Wegovy
  3. Muscle Builder Peptide CJC 1275 & Ipamorlin
  4. Muscle Recovery BPC-157
  5. Anti Aging Semorelin
  6. Super Libido PT 141


Click Here for Pricing, Details and Videos.

  1. Skinny Shot – Weight Loss
  2. Amino Bomb – Promotes Muscle Recovery
  3. Energy Complex – Promotes Natural Energy
  4.  LIV – Promotes muscle growth through Protein Synthesis


  1. Phentermine


NOTE: All Boost Protocol Products are pharmaceutical grade and by prescription only