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Don’t struggle with knee pain and joint pain everyday, start living your best life! Therapeutic Joint Injection Therapy is a cutting edge treatment that offers a safe alternative to cortisone shots and surgeries. It also initiates the healing process within the body. Scroll down to learn more about this amazing treatment.

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Is Therapeutic Joint Injection The Right Therapy For Your Knee Pain?

When traditional treatments such as cortisone injections, medicine, and surgery fail to alleviate knee pain or other types of arthritis pain, Therapeutic Joint Injection Therapy offers a safe and effective non-surgical alternative. This therapy works by providing cushioning, protection, lubrication, and/or a barrier to supplement the joints, with the primary aim of initiating the healing process.

Therapeutic Joint Injection Therapy can relieve chronic pain symptoms such as weakness and instability, popping or crunching, swelling and stiffness, redness and warmth, and inability to straighten joints. The therapy works by using various cell products to replace missing tissue structurally and functionally or promote regeneration through the body’s natural healing response. It releases growth factors and cytokines back into damaged tissue, helping to improve health for a range of conditions. Benefits include:

Enhanced healing and reduced pain.
Therapeutic Joint Injection focuses on addressing the root cause of pain instead of simply managing symptoms. Orthobiologic therapies do this by delivering growth factors to the injured area to aid tissue healing. This allows patients to heal and experience less pain than with traditional medicine.

Increased functionality.
Therapeutic Joint Injection promotes the production of collagen in the body, which strengthens tendons and tissues. When the tendons and tissues on and surrounding the joints are strengthened, they increase the range of motion in joints, allowing you to move freely and complete everyday tasks freely again.

Faster recovery.
The growth factors used in Therapeutic Joint Injection may help tissues and tendons, leading to faster healing. This allows you to (safely) return to your normal activities sooner.

Reduced risk of future injuries and pain.
Collagen tightens and strengthens the tendons in the joints, minimizing the risk of future injuries and pain. 

Don't Let Knee Pain Set You Back From The Life You Desire!

We also offer Visosupplementation & Genvisc850

GenVisc 850 is a treatment for knee pain caused by joint inflammation and stiffness resulting from osteoarthritis (OA). This product belongs to a group of products known as hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, or hyaluronan (HA), also referred to as viscosupplementation therapy. It’s injected into the knees through a nonsurgical procedure to supplement the viscous properties of the fluid in the joint.

This therapy is approved for patients who have not found sufficient relief from simple analgesics, exercise, or physical therapy. Viscosupplementation was first used in Europe and Asia, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it in 1997. Currently, several preparations of hyaluronic acid are commercially available, and they are covered by most major insurance providers, including Medicare.