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  • Have you been feeling burned out and fatigued?
  • Are you starting to have hot flashes and night sweats?
  • Are your moods all over the place?
  • Have you been working out and eating well and still having trouble losing weight?
  • Is your intimacy declining with your partner?
  • Have you been to your doctor or practitioner and been told an antidepressant will help?
  • Do you feel like your too young to be having these symptoms before you are close to menopause?
  • Are you menopausal and have sought help and are getting estrogen and testosterone, but feel like you are on a hormone roller coaster?
  • Have you been worked up by several specialists to be told “everything came back normal,” but still feel horrible?

Your symptoms and feelings should not be dismissed, nor should they be masked with conventional treatments that may not help your symptoms and possibly worsen your health. Did you know that having just one hormone out of balance will cause fatigue, hot flashes, weight gain, moodiness and more?

At New Life Medical Centers our practitioners have been testing, researching and modifying different Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) regimens that will actually offer relief to many of your symptoms and help you navigate a better plan of care for your future.

We use Bioidentical Hormones as they are as close to an identical match as the hormones we make on our own. This is important because our bodies will accept and metabolize those hormones more efficiently, than synthetic prescriptions which may actually deplete your hormones and give you more undesirable side effects. Another reason why bioidenticals are a better choice is they are much safer than synthetics as many of these hormones offer breast protection along with beneficial cardiovascular and metabolic effects.

The reason many medical professionals may not be treating hormones appropriately is they are trying to fix one hormone that in-turn throws another hormone out of whack. Your hormones should be balanced as symptoms of too much of any one hormone can mimic the symptoms of too little of another. There is no perfect recipe, there is no medical algorithm, there is no blueprint that will tell us how to treat you, we use our experience, lab results, and what you tell us your symptoms are to decipher your treatment plan.

If you experience the following persistent symptoms or have had trouble with any of these systems over time, you may be indicated for hormonal testing. These simple hormonal tests will indicate if you are a candidate for bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. Don’t allow yourself to suffer from these symptoms any longer -take back control of your life!


SymptomsHormonal ImbalanceAdrenalThyroid
Hot Flashes✔  
Aches & Pains✔✔✔
Mood Swings (PMS)✔  
Menstrual Irregularities✔ ✔
Vaginal Dryness✔  
Excessive Weight Gain✔ ✔
Morning/Evening Fatigue ✔ 
Bone Loss✔✔ 
Infertility/Low Libido ✔✔
Night Sweats✔  
Sleep Disorders ✔✔
Inability to Lose Weight  ✔
Thinning Hair  ✔
Headaches✔ ✔
Foggy Thinking✔ ✔
Fibrocystic Breasts✔  
Cystic Ovaries✔  
Uterine Fibroids✔  
Feeling Cold (All the Time)  ✔
Blood Sugar Imbalances ✔ 

Commonly Asked Questions

  • If you feel you could benefit from our services, you must first make an appointment. This will take an hour or 2 for paperwork and for the practitioner to really listen to your needs and assess your current health.
  • You will receive a saliva testing kit that you will take home to obtain accurate hormone levels.
  • We will also do blood testing to make sure we are looking at other issues that can cause your symptoms, like Vitamin D Deficiency and Thyroid Disease. So make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten.
  • Please bring a list of all your current medications and supplements.
  • Make sure you are able to give accurate surgical and gynecological history. The more we know the better our ability to treat.
  • It can take 2-3 weeks before we obtain all the information needed to put your plan together as saliva testing has to be timed appropriately.
  • You will then be called in for a follow up appointment where the practitioner will go over your options for therapy and the plan they feel will best suit your life. Your plan is very individualized and you will receive a full report of your own.
  • Your medications will be ordered that day and are usually received within 5-7 business days.
    Your practitioner will go over your medications at the time of pick up.
  • From that point on, you should start to feel improvement in your symptoms and serum blood levels will be rechecked between 6-8 weeks after starting therapy.
  • This is a process and we will continually monitor your symptoms and
  • All of our medications come from Empower Pharmacy a FDA 503B registered and PCAB accredited compound pharmacy. We do not switch pharmacies or shop around for lower
  • We utilize bioidentical creams and pills which are chosen based on what will benefit your lifestyle.
  • You may also be given recommendations for different supplements to enhance the benefits of your treatment. These supplements have been researched and vetted by our staff.
  • Any current or past history of:

    • Breast cancer
    • Ovarian cancer
    • Endometrial cancer
    • Blood clots
    • Stroke
    • Liver disease
    • Unexplained vaginal bleeding

    If you aren’t bothered by menopausal symptoms and started menopause after age 45, you do not need hormone therapy to stay healthy. Instead, talk to your doctor about strategies to reduce the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis and heart disease. These strategies might include lifestyle changes and medications other than hormone therapy for long-term protection.

  • Many women depending on their health history tend to start having symptoms of Peri-Menopause around the age of 35, so you do not have to be diagnosed as menopausal to receive
    the treatment and the benefits of therapy.
  • Currently, insurance companies do not cover Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.

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