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Our Growth Strategy

The New Life Medical Difference 
New Life is committed to treating more patients with best-in-class healthcare services focused on high quality medical outcomes. As part of our growth strategy, we are actively acquiring and partnering with high quality occupational medicine and urgent care practices that share in our strong cultural values and our patients-first approach. Practices with a complementary geographic presence along with a strong group of providers and staff will find New Life the ideal partner for their future.


Access our network of medical experts, operational/peer support, and long-term stability to enable your professional and financial success.


Play an important role on the front lines of health care, spending more time with patients while delivering proactive, coordinated, outcomes-based care.
New Life also offers leadership opportunities, career growth, and membership on expert panels. 


Become part of a large group practice—because that’s essentially what we are. New Life offers an environment where respected medical professionals are compensated fairly for delivering quality patient care. 


Are you a physician or practice owner interested in selling your practice? Here are some of the many benefits of partnering with New Life.

  • Liquidity/security: We offer fair value for your practice. Upfront- so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and limit future risk.
  • Employment opportunities: You and your staff will find a new home within New Life and you’ll have opportunities to grow within the company.
  • Efficient process: Our transaction experience ensures that you have a respectful, confidential, and efficient process.

Independent physicians across the country continue to experience changes to the way we practice. While the public might think the most significant changes are driven by new medicines or technologies, the increasing rate of hospital consolidation is perhaps the most pressing threat we face today.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, challenges to our daily practices include frequent government-mandated changes, insurer intrusions and ever-changing marketplace dynamics. Currently, we are being confronted with the ongoing monopolization of healthcare by hospital systems aggressively acquiring independently-run physician practices. For those of us who are committed to treating patients in our communities, these mergers are occurring at an alarming rate.

Many physicians believe that by selling their practice, they eliminate practice management headaches. That’s not always the case. Employed physicians often have to manage staff, but now they may be beholden to staffing decisions they wouldn’t have made themselves and often miss the flexibility of making choices without interference or approvals. Decisions made within a corporate structure are centralized and usually driven by cost, not quality. For example, physicians may not be able to reward individual contributions (such as by giving a bonus for a job well done) or may be forced to work with a staff member who doesn’t fit into the practice’s culture.

In addition, once the physicians sell, they lose the bargaining power they once had. They may find their income improves initially after selling, which is certainly attractive. But over time, and as contracts are renegotiated, this can and often does change. Doctors find that what was meant to be an empowering decision can become a debilitating one—as decision-making is limited and the economics no longer bear out.

If you are interested in protecting your practice from the current healthcare environment, having a company manage the practice operations or you are interested in selling your practice, fill out the form below and we will contact you personally.

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